Heavenly insight via Siri

I was running out the door late, the weather was awful and visibility low, and I didn’t even really want to go, but out I went anyways on my way to church. I had avoided driving anywhere since day light savings had ended thus far, but I was about to experience the wrath of every other driver on the highway all at once.

That lovely time of day, six o’clock traffic. The time of day when you just want to sit back and relax after a long day but instead wind up screaming at the person in front of you just because they didn’t use their blinker. Traffic, it does things to you. Post daylight savings traffic is by far the worst though. Not only are you sitting in traffic it’s now darker, colder, and you feel more tired. Guess what. So, does everyone else around you, and they are sure to let you know.

The long drive to the church for my small group meeting began by not being able to merge onto the highway because no one one let me over out of the exit only lane. Therefore I decided “okay fine, I’ll just drive side streets because no one is moving fast on the highway anyways.” So I proceeded to exit and took a back way. I should add that I was not entirely focused on driving at this time and was studying while driving (not recommended). I was listening to a youtube summary of a shakespeare play I was reading for class. I was supposed to present in the morning on the book but had no idea what I was reading and needed a modern english overview, hence the youtube summary. Between the weather, the disorienting darkness, and the audio book, I was throughly distracted.

At about this time I realized I was completely lost. I was downtown at night and I had no idea where I was. Now, I have a GPS on my phone, but I had driven this way before and I figured I was fine on my own and didn’t need any help. A very false sense of confidence, haha. Upon realizing that I was lost and not in a great area of town I quickly turned my car around and turned off my distractions and turned on my GPS. Immediately it new exactly where I was and gave me directions that were easy to follow. The way it took me may have been slower as it took me back to the highway, but it was a sure route and one I could trust. I got directions one piece at a time all the way to the church where I safely arrived.

Jesus is like my GPS, and I am like, well me, and you and everyone else. So often we put our trust in ourselves and think we can rush through life without direction, doing it on our own. We are distracted by the things around us and can’t focus on him like we are supposed to. Whenever we are in trouble we reach out to him immediately, and he is always right there waiting and ready. He never leaves us, and he is always willing to give us direction. He requires our patience though, and he most likely won’t show you all of his plan at once. He will give it to you one piece at a time, and ask that you be patient and wait. Patience is hard, and God understands that, but he is someone you can trust to direct you faithfully. For his way is perfect.

Psalm 17:6 “My steps have held fast to your paths; my feet have not slipped.”

So I would encourage you, instead of rushing about waiting till you are utterly lost, have patience and let him lead you one step at a time, starting now.

Love and prayers,






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