When the “Call” Hurts

The difficulty of the “call” is when it hurts, but you know it’s good because it’s God.

Sometimes, when God places a call, wether it’s a desire, life calling, or a need for change in your life it cost you something– actually let’s be real here for a moment. Very rarely does God call you to something that doesn’t cost you anything, because he is everything and he wants our everything. Because, without him we are nothing. Jesus said “follow me” (Matthew 4:19) to Peter (Simon at the time). He didn’t say, “hey dudes! pack some ‘baggage’ up and hold on tight to those worldly possessions!” He just said follow me. He called and they listened. He later told a rich man you have to leave everything you own to follow me (Matthew 19:21). We have always known that our relationship with God came at a cost, and that has always been clear.

So, when it comes time to pay the bills of life–and that time will come, and those times will be plenty– it becomes important for us to remember why it’s worth it. Why do we repeatedly choose him and choose that cost? The answer is cheesy (I will acknowledge that) and I actually stated it in the last paragraph, but the answer is: He is worth it because He is who He is. Don’t you fret though. This sounds a bit like a riddle right now, but I will expand on this in the next few paragraphs and explain. 

From the very first day we decided to follow Jesus and every day since, we have kept following Him because He is worth it. He is not a fad, or phase, or something else that will become dull or boring. He is almighty, all powerful, loving, gentle, and kind. He is not comprehendible, yet we comprehend that He is worthy. His character is knowable because we can have a relationship with Him, yet unknowable because He is so multifaceted that we will never know all of Him. 

Before we ever existed He was worthy of our praise because He is God — let that sink in.

I went to the Passion conference in Atlanta, Georgia a few weeks ago, and I had the opportunity to praise the Lord and listen to incredible speakers with over 55,000 other young adults. There were countless things that impacted me over just three short days, but the thing I want to talk about from the conference is the talk by Dr. John Piper. His sermon was on the essence of evil, and he dug deep into the word to explain his thoughts to us. His entire sermon was revolutionary to my faith. Because, the thing he said that stuck out to me the most was this – God is not worthy of our praise and we do not praise him because there is a law that says we should praise and obey and love and follow him only. There is a law that says that because he is who he is and he was already deserving of those things before there was a law! The law is simply there to remind us of that truth! 

“He (God) was already deserving of those things before there was a law.”

I distinctly remember sitting in my stadium seat, mouth agape –okay, it was most likely closed. In my mind I was sitting there dumbfounded though because this one truth changed everything! In a moment I was overcome by the glory of the Lord, and the reality of his worthiness was dawning on me for what felt like the first time. 

Sure, I was a recipient of God’s grace, I knew the Bible stories, and I knew he was worthy, but this was different. I had experienced peace from Him. I had seen in my life how desperately I needed Him and how He never failed to show-up. I had seen how He was faithful in times of trouble and prosperity in my own life and others lives. So, because of these things, in my mind, He was worthy. He created the world, then sent His son to save us because we could not save ourselves, and then He gave us the Holy Spirit. It made sense to me that he should be worthy of my praise. He had done so much for me and others. Plus it didn’t hurt that He was God.

“He’s God so of course he’s worthy”

My lightbulb moment though was when I was sitting in the Atlanta Dome listening to Dr. Piper speak. I realized that God isn’t worthy because of what he did or what he has done for me. Yes, he is worthy because of those things. He was worthy before he did any of those things though, before I was ever a thought or an idea. He is worthy because He is the I am. 

I think, this is such an important thing to be reminded of when we feel those tugs on our heart to make a decision. Wether it is time to end a relationship, start a new career path, or even just sharing Jesus with that friend of yours, those questions regarding the value of your decision will be important to you. Because, those are the “make it or break it” moments in life. The ones where our faith is put to the test. Is Jesus ENOUGH for us to risk some other things or even say goodbye to them altogether? The answer is an overwhelming YES! He is SO worth it. 

I am currently in the middle of one of those moments myself, so friends I see you in your struggle. I understand, but I’m here to remind you (and myself) that the Lord is worth it! He will give you the strength and the words for your situation to persevere through and answer that call. Know that the Lord will not call you to anything that he has not and will not equip you for. He is a good father and loves you deeply. 

So, on the days that you wonder “is it worth it?” I want you to remember that it is and that HE is. 

Love and prayers,
   – Lemon


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