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Find the reason in your season of singleness.


The Single Reason

It’s less than two weeks until Valentines day, which means people are desperate to be in a relationship right now, and have a significant other (SO). At this point if you are single panic has probably set in, because there is nothing worse in the world than being alone on the one day of the year when everyone else posts gushy captions to all of their pictures on social media. If you are single you have to sit alone in a dark room at home with the blinds drawn in shame as you wait for February 15th (The real holiday in my opinion ; ) and mope about all the overpriced chocolate you aren’t getting – Cue the sobbing!

Alright, this might be a slight exaggeration, but I have only blown it out of proportion to illustrate how ridiculous the idea that you need an SO to have a good time is. The world in general is quite pre-occupied with relationships just look at our media. Everything from songs to movies are overrun with relationships. As a Christian, myself and others, are susceptible to the social pressures of wanting or feeling the need to have an SO just like everyone else. I mention this because I don’t have an SO right now, and – wait for it –
I couldn’t be happier.

First off this is not because I don’t desire relationship like everyone else, because I do and I desire to be married one day. The difference is that I understand there is a season for relationships and a season for singleness. I also recognize that both seasons of life are equally valuable! My identity is in Christ and so are my purpose and joy. Which means that regardless of wether or not I have a man by my side I will always have joy and purpose.

So quick review

No – I am not in a relationship right now

Yes – I am genuinely enjoying and loving life right now

Why? – Because my identity, joy, and purpose are found in the Lord.

So wether you have an SO this valentines season or not remember that there are bigger things going on. You have been given your season of singleness for a reason and it is not something to just float through apathetically. You don’t need to and shouldn’t be waiting to “do things for the kingdom” until you are linked up with another person. Will it be great when God brings that person into your life? Yes! For now though you are a free-man so to speak and you have an independence that you will never again have in your life! Embrace that and live in the moment wherever it is that God has you. If you don’t know where God has you or you aren’t involved in ministry right now then I cannot urge you enough. Get involved! Do not let these precious years and moments slip by while waiting for tomorrow like we all wait to go to the gym later. Start today, right now even! Trust the Lord with where you are and I promise that you will see him move in big ways.

Now, I could say a lot more about this topic as it is one of the topics that has been on my heart lately, but many people have spoken on this before and more eloquently than I could manage. So, I’m going to link some food for thought here. It is a recorded sermon from this ministry on the Campus of Texas A&M University known as Breakaway. This particular sermon is a part of a single/dating/engaged/married series with 8 parts and I would highly recommend the whole thing. The sermon I linked above though is about singleness. Hopefully you will find it as enlightening and encouraging as I did.

So friends, eat some chocolate this Valentines while you find your reason for your single season and be a source of love and light.

Love and prayers,

Ps: For those of you that are unaware on the 15th all valentines merchandise (chocolate) goes on sale, so eat your hearts out! Literally, haha!